Jeff Koons: Moon Phases is presented by Pace Verso, Pace Gallery's hub for integrated Web3 artworks, in partnership with the project’s initiators, Patrick Colangelo of NFMoon and Chantelle Baier of 4Space. NFMoon is a specialized digital arts and technology company. 4Space, which designed and built the cube in consultation with Koons, is a multi-level space company that is strategically involved with NASA and Intuitive Machines. NFMoon and 4Space approached Koons with the idea of sending his artwork to the Moon because of his ability to bridge art and science, reflecting the expansive possibilities of the humanities. Jeff Koons: Moon Phases brings together leaders in the scientific and creative fields.

Reveling in past and future human achievements, Koons has drawn inspiration from the Moon as a symbol of curiosity and determination. Hopeful and transcendent, the project offers viewers a sense of perspective about their place in the vast universe, encouraging profound reflection an contemplation. Centering on the Moon as a symbol of human curiosity and the desire to achieve, Jeff Koons: Moon Phases comprises 125 unique works, each consisting of three components.

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